Meet Mags

Hey guys, I'm Margaret Fahnbuleh, I've been a hairstylist behind the chair for over 15 years. Over the years I've discovered that in this industry, the only limits you will have is the limits YOU place in your mind! I started my career as a means to survive and create a better lifestyle for myself than the one I grew up with. This business is not easy but it's very rewarding. The secrets to success in the industry are passion, dedication, consistency, and education.


You want to build up your “toolbox” with skills that will help you work smart not hard. Stop bumping your head trying to figure it all out. I help beauty professionals build profitable businesses that attract high-value clients. You don’t have to burn the midnight oil in the salon doing every hairstyle on everybody in your city. With the proper skill sets and business structure, you can create an entirely new six figures business and lifestyle; One that will attract clients to YOU. All you need to be successful is the willingness to invest in your skills and the determination that you will no longer let fear stop you! If you are ready to build your business or scale to become a six-figure hairstylist. I’m the girl you need on you team!